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Get in a brand new kitchen and compete to "cook" whatever strange "food" Gary desires each round! Check this countdown timer to see when the event starts.

Do you need large quantities of stone materials?

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Baba zombie
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Do you need large quantities of stone materials?

Post by Baba zombie » Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:28 pm

Then I can help you out.

Stone, smooth stone, stone bricks and cobble in all shapes and sizes.

Enough for several castles, or 1 death decide!

And what do I ask for in Emeralds? Carrots? no, not even carrots.

I will take the less obvious things; Scute, Nautilus shells, suspicious stew are just some examples of the odd things I will trade for.

Just send me your order in a server mail and I will deliver to your preferred location.

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