Image Saturday 2nd November @ 20:00 GMT: Cooking With Gary 2!
Get in a brand new kitchen and compete to "cook" whatever strange "food" Gary desires each round! Check this countdown timer to see when the event starts.

Cubic Worlds Forum - Terms of use

Thank you for your interest in joining our forum! Before continuing, please read and understand these few simple rules that we use across our community - that’s this forum, our Discord server, our wiki, and all gaming servers we may officially host. Most of them boil down to plain common sense - we don’t want to spoil things by being too stuffy or official, but at the same time, we need to guard against silly folks who only seek to cause trouble.

Community Rules
● Be friendly and respectful to other members
● We welcome everyone from around the globe, but please use English only when posting
● As a community with young members, no swearing is allowed and some topics are off limits - see our separate Chat and Language Policy for details

We do not condone censorship but, in extreme cases, our moderators reserve the right to edit or remove content that breaks these rules. Our moderation goal is only to ensure our community stays fun and safe for the majority of our members. By continuing to register, you are agreeing to both our rules and to the way we run and moderate our community.

Ultimately, we’re just wanting to be an awesome gaming-focused community to hang out with. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

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