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Concern You won't BELIEVE this insane glitch! All your items, gone!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sicarine, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Sicarine

    Sicarine Citizen

    A little bit of a warning for players going into W5...eventually.

    So the server's....crashiness is sort of a constancy, it seems. Crashes are random, and seem to have persisted pretty regulary(ish) so far. Still, server re-boots itself on its own, minor rollback, no big deal

    or is it?

    Player data and chunk data are saved separately, and in rare situations, you could lose big. Let me talk you through my day today:

    Playing the ultimate MC meta, where you put items in shulker boxes in enderchest. Compact mobile ultra storage, aww ye.

    I put some items in a shulker box, break it, put it in the ender chest, walk through a nether portal, and server crashes.

    When I log back in, I I log in facing the spot where I was managing inventory just earlier. I am missing a few items from inventory, there is no shulker box, no ender chest, and neither they nor the items are in inventory or inside the ender chest.

    It's simple. The rollback rolled back to player and chunk data from ever so slightly different times. Acc to chunk data, the two chests haven't been placed down yet, and acc to player data, inv management is midway through and there ought to be a shulker box on the ground with items in it, and the shulker is yet to be placed inside an ender chest. The chunk, obviously, disagrees, as it thinks those chests were never placed in the first place. So your items are lost to the ether......until you bug an admin.

    Now this is chaos, so whatevs, but the point is: This could happen to your actual gear in W5.

    If the problem persists in the future, which it might, be prepared to visit lost and found for lost items in the case of a crash like this. You could lose anything: upgraded tools, stacks of diamonds, even thousands of items.
  2. Tomousee

    Tomousee Citizen

    Mountfall City
    Title seems like clickbait...

  3. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Given how the server has still been regularly "catching fire" even while we've been in Chaos Mode, I wonder whether it's a 1.13 thing, or if instead Nodecraft just isn't that great at hosting (or some aspect of how we are set up with them isn't correct). Questions. Always questions.

    As far as the problem you talk about goes, Sicarine, awareness is good and I appreciate you making the post. However, please let's not be too negative about this.

    The possibility of losing items and progress on an online server is well-known and isn't exclusive to our setup - sure, we're crashing a lot right now (we call it Chaos Mode for a reason) and that does make it more likely folks could lose items, but our "proper" setup for World 5 will run much more smoothly.

    I say that with absolute certainty because there is no chance I'll be opening World 5 on a server that is crashing regularly like Chaos Mode currently is. That's just not happening. I can't say here and now what will be done to reach that point, but reach it we will.

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