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Ruling VilleIsKing and Oliver102003: speed hacks, creepy behaviour [1 month]

Discussion in 'The Courtroom' started by SFMosquito, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. SFMosquito

    SFMosquito Spectral Op

    Deep Underwood
    Today I logged in to find two newcomers, by the names of VilleIsKing and Oliver102003. They appeared to be having some strange problems, repeatedly falling to their deaths, logging out and in. I used /vanish to investigate.

    VilleIsKing was moving at sprinting speed while crouched, and wearing a skin that I assume is part of the.... interesting.... clown craze that's going on right now. When confronted with the possibility he was using a hacked client, he said "What are you going to do about it SFM?" From this I ascertain that they both know full well what they're up to. [picture attached for the morbidly curious]

    Oliver102003 was entirely silent, and hung around the guest spawn, jumping distances of 5 blocks, losing health each time, and dying.

    Both of these unsavoury customers will be banned for a minimum period of 1 month. Cubic Worlds is a family friendly community, and creepy clowns and hackers are not welcome here.

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  2. Fubaka

    Fubaka Mod Squad

    Worst. Clowns. Ever.
  3. Koads

    Koads Mod Squad

    And Swedes to boot. Those pesky nasty awful swedes. Always meddling with their flat furniture, blond hair and polarbears made of dynamite...
  4. Shabbyjazz

    Shabbyjazz Mod Squad

    Now they're in Minecraft too..

    Where's Batman when you need him?
  5. konekasi

    konekasi Mod Squad

    There's a creepy clown fad right now. Teenagers dress up to scare pets and children.
    Sweden doesn't have polar bears.
  6. Koads

    Koads Mod Squad

    LIE ! I myself have 5. Queenie, Flashheart, Melchett, Darling and Speckled Jim... :D
  7. Shabbyjazz

    Shabbyjazz Mod Squad

    We do however, which, in essence, means we're better than Sweden :D
  8. Justbrotherdoug

    Justbrotherdoug Citizen

    Not too bright either, asking someone designated as Spectral Op "What ya gonna do about it?"
    I guess now they know
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