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Utilities for NH Stuff.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VeryGoodDog, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. VeryGoodDog

    VeryGoodDog Citizen

    Dog House!
    I want to see more events made and I think helping proliferate the tools to make good and engaging games would help! This post will talk about the tools used to do that.

    Building the Map

    Having a well built map is as important as the inner workings. CW has WorldEdit enabled in NH. WorldEdit, WE, can help build large structures quickly. WE can do a lot of really cool stuff, as documented here. WE has a mod that allows you to see the boundaries of your selection, called the WE CUI. It does become problematic when you want to build really, really, big things. I recommend having WE installed in a SP profile. This can be pretty hard but, there is a tutorial. After installation, you can build things that would otherwise be difficult to build on CW.


    Something I do, is to test commands in SP. Because the server is public, it makes sense to prevent everyone from getting to command blocks. This can however make it hard to get a nice and complicated event. The Minecraft Wiki documents the commands very well. There are also tools for building custom commands:
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