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Concern The Meet your Match Update...

Discussion in 'The Amusement Arcade' started by Wiimaster101, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Wiimaster101

    Wiimaster101 Citizen

    Let's sit down and talk just a bit...

    I love TF2... or at least I USED to.
    As you may know, a recent update, titled the Meet your Match update has just come out. But I actually think, that this update is the one that absolutely ruined the game for me. One of the main features of this update that caught my attention (other than Pyro Vs. Heavy) was the addition of casual and competitive matchmaking. They got these 2 features ABSOLUTELY WRONG. I think the removal of quickplay was what sold me that this update was going to be terrible. I loved the fact that you could just choose ONE gamemode and get straight into the game. But now, because I am a casual player, when I chose casual mode, I was FORCED to chose TWO gamemodes other than just one, and loading, takes FOREVER.

    This update gets the official wiimaster score of...

    The main reasons why this update gets this abysmal score is because it is a complete spit in the face to casual players like me, terrible load times, and the complete cake taker for me is, the removal of quickplay. I just decided to make this little review of this update to express my feelings. Tell me your feelings for this update below this post. Enjoy your day.

    EDIT: Well I'll be darned. Valve actually listened to us. Well, this entire review is now pointless. They are fixing almost everything I have stated in this review. If I had to re review this update after this patch, I would say it was a good 9/10. Good on ya valve.
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