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The Dazzling December Announcement Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zolyx, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Zolyx

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    The Dazzling December Announcement, part 1!
    Oh boy oh boy. Oh boy! This December, folks! This December is going to be crazy...

    Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another seasonal holiday next month, I promise you that December in Cubic Worlds is going to be the best time you've had all year. Maybe even all decade! No word of a lie!

    It's hard to know how to announce so much awesome in a place as small as this forum post without crossing the streams and causing a massive HYPESPLOSION, but I guess the best way it to just tackle things head-on:

    Something about a plugin
    Yeah, hmm, can't quite remember, what was it called? Minecraft Moo? Nope... ahh, wait, that was it...

    It's official: Cubic Worlds is levelling up and will be joining the rest of the world by adding mcMMO to our gameplay! While hundreds of servers have been playing this RPG-themed style of Minecraft for years, we're late to the party - the Tortoise to everyone else's Hare, if you will - but we're finally ready to test it out, see how it performs, and figure out the settings that will work best for us before finally opening the doors on a brand new MMO world!


    mcMMO is a huge plugin and there's only so much that I can do myself before throwing it onto CW. To get your feedback on bugs and balancing, there will be at least one "beta test" of mcMMO before we officially declare it added to the server and make it available 24/7. The first test will be held over the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of December. Depending on how that goes there will probably be wipes, XP resets, and / or more weekend tests throughout the month, but don't panic: none of the wipes will affect Voxellia or any of your stuff there.

    Something about an island
    Just lately, a lot of Steves - most of them quite filthy and feigning tiredness from their sixteen-hour shifts of forced labour in my personal diamond mines - have had the audacity to approach me and ask me a question. Two questions, in fact, so great is their impudence!

    "Sir, 'scuse me," one asked me with dewy eyes and a pleading expression, "is Christmas Island going to open soon? Can we have Secret Santa again?"

    "NO!" I shout back in their face, sneering and snickering evilly to myself. "Bah humbug! Get back to the mines!"

    But suddenly, a thought flickered through my canopy. "How then will I be able to scam... hrm, persuade people to pay me rightful tribute for all the ridiculously hard work I do for them? I can't be seen to abuse my power by taking stuff directly from the hidden stashes they think I don't know about... too risky..."

    An idea comes to me. "Grhrahahahrh. You there!" I shout to the forlorn hunchbacked Steve shuffling his way back to the mines. "Tell anyone who cares to know that I'll see about opening the island from the 1st of December."

    The nameless Steve gawps at me with a strained expression on his face.

    "Next week," I explain carefully, with the patience only an ent of my standing can draw upon.

    "Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!" The Steve ran into the distance, arms flailing in circles like some kind of loony.

    Something about other things
    These two things are just the tip of the iceberg - there's much more to say, and trust me when I say that I'll be saying them with gusto through this week! Until then, mine and craft well, and may Herobrine never stalk you!

    Shoutout: Sad Steve pic adapted from the work of the very awesome Draw So Cute. Aw, soo cuuute!
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  2. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

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    The Dazzling December Announcement, part 2!
    You thought that was it? Oh, the dazzlement has only just begun, my friend...

    Tests of skill, creativity, and luck! But mostly the first two!
    Events and contests! You like events and contests, don't you? The ones where you build stuff, destroy stuff, punch Meepling, punch other people, become friends again, jump over things, fail to jump over things and fall to your death, and all that jazz? Good news! Your mind will be 110% blown with the news that you can experience all of these feelings in a breakneck* schedule of fantastic events from past and present! :tnt:

    To kick things off, starting this very weekend on Sunday 29th November and running for a whole week, will be the amazing Christmas Tree Contest where you get the chance to build and decorate a tree that will later be used to make Christmas Island even more festive!

    But that's only the start! You can prove your worth in virtually every single Cubic Worlds event throughout December. Exercise your mind, sword arm, and good fortune in events including:
    • Traditional Spleef (knockout tournament)
    • Voxellian Rules Leaf Spleef (knockout tournament)
    • Skyblock Wars
    • Bust the Beacon
    • The Many-hued Path
    • Draughts / Checkers (round robin tournament)
    • Pig Racing
    • Ice Sumo
    • <Your New Horizon Event here - see below>
    • <Maybe even a revival of PSTIM for some gaming outside of Minecraft>
    • <Look, there's going to be a whole lot of events is what I'm trying to say>
    Have you built an event in New Horizon that you think is awesome? Some I already know of, but others have yet to be properly tried out, and December is the best time to dazzle the world with your efforts! Send me the details of the event you've made and I'll add it to my list of community events, and will host it for you some time during the month (and into the future if it's popular).

    Think all this is too good to be true, that all these events can't possibly happen in a single month? Sir / madam, you are dreadfully mistaken, and it shall be my humble duty to prove you wrong!

    * More than one event per weekend is pretty darned breakneck for this server, wouldn't you agree?

    Daily gifts in the CW advent calendar!
    Ohhhoho, I'm on fire! I just figured out another thing that all of you like: Loot! Prizes! I got it spot on, didn't I? Don't ask me how - I just get these flashes of brilliance sometimes. Yep. Some folk call it genius. Not sure if I'd go that far myself, but hey, I'll take it...

    The thing that really is genius, though, is how I'm going to give every person who logs in to Cubic Worlds during December a piece of loot each day right up 'til Christmas! It'll be like our very own advent calendar. A stale cookie here, a giant pile of miniature redstone flakes there - man, it'll be so awesome!

    More details about the free daily loot have been announced - read it here! Basically, you need to visit Christmas Island to reach the advent calendar area. Just like in real life, you can open the box of any previous day that you might have missed, so it's no big deal if you aren't able to log in each and every day.

    From the 1st to the 24th of December, find the right advent sign in the calendar area and simply right-click it to receive your loot! I wonder what it'll be?...

    A closing note from the Evil Op
    Amidst all my grumbling, snarkiness, complaining about Mojang to anyone who'll listen, more grumbling, bad leaf days, and other times when I'm not the most pleasant evil tree to be around, I don't often say exactly how great all of you are.

    Really! It's you lot sticking around the place that's given me all this wor... wait no! I mean, it's because of you that I get such a warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness at being able to keep Cubic Worlds running well into its 4th year. I wouldn't do it just for myself, y'know? So, uh... thanks. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of Steves and Alexes to pootle around the internet with. I hope we have a great month, and I look forward to spreading the word and seeing old and new folks around the place in the coming days!
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    Here, of course.

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  5. Zolyx

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    Crivens! More announcements!
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  6. ...............mcMMO.....on Cubic Worlds.........

    My heart just skipped a beat.
  7. sup69

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    In my box.
    cool. It's been a while, but I think I might drop in to check it out, I'm honestly surprised to see so many people from the olden days still active on here
  8. garybwatts

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    Hooray more contests and loot! This is still the best and friendliest server.
  9. spawn__point

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    Maybe old spawn__point will come by for some Christmas celebration... We'll have to see. And while I happen to be here, can you change my username here to my Minecraft name?

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