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Official Event The 5th Voxellian Leaf Spleef Tournament!

Discussion in 'Events and Contests' started by Zolyx, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    The 5th Voxellian Leaf Spleaf Tournament
    Saturday 1st August at 18:00 GMT - post your signup!
    Challonge bracket: Soon (tm)

    What are the rules of Leaf Spleef?
    In Voxellian-rules Leaf Spleef, each match sees two spleafers enter the playfield, a three block deep clump of leaves that will start to decay when the match begins. During the match, players may not engage in direct PvP or alter blocks in any way, but they are given some "helpful" items to "encourage" their enemy into the lava!

    • You must stay within the playfield at all times.
    • You may not copy your opponent's movement or stand on the same (or nearby) block.
    • To win, you must simply avoid dying before your opponent!
    What equipment do players get in each match?
    Both players in the match are given a small selection of magical tools to make the fight "interesting". You should use these powerful trinkets to outwit your pesky opponent, but beware, for they might scupper your own chances if used clumsily! The tools at your disposal are:

    • A pair of Splash Paralysis potions
    • A small bag of Witchgems, magical grenades that will knock back anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby
    • A single golden apple
    • A pair of netherite land mines
    As always there will be super shiny prizes, increasing in value the farther you get in the tournament. The exact details of the prizes are a closely guarded secret, but be assured that all participants will have their time and effort rewarded!

    Who is playing?
    You can sign up for the event by simply posting on this thread with a "Yes!", an "I'll be there", or even a "Meep?" - I'll keep a list here and occasionally update the info on Challonge.

    Signing up isn't really necessary, but it'll help me plan for how many folks will be around on the night. Just turn up if you like - but it's not guaranteed there will be room!

    • Zolyx (provisional)
    • SkaiBlocked
    • ali_zombie
    • Kanzaki_Nao
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
  2. Skaibae

    Skaibae Citizen

    The Skai
    Meepity Meep Meep Meep! :D
  3. baba_zombie

    baba_zombie Citizen

    You can sign up ali_zombie. Unfortunately we are in a one computer environment so only one of use can attend.
  4. Big Daddy Bri

    Big Daddy Bri Citizen

    We won't be at the actual event, but the practice was awesome!
  5. masternoj

    masternoj Mod Squad

    Charisk Hell
    I have a previous commitment that Saturday, unfort.
  6. Kanzaki_Nao

    Kanzaki_Nao Citizen

    Please can I go? I didn't go to practise but I've played before!
  7. Kanzaki_Nao

    Kanzaki_Nao Citizen

    baba, open up 2 minecraft windows (one for each account) and take it in turns on both accounts? although you will be unable to fight each other might that be a solution?

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