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State of the server - Chaos Mode is GO

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zolyx, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    There's been some tweaking done to the server today. Progress toward W5!

    We're back to using PaperSpigot for our server JAR again because I think that this does give us less lag and better performance than "vanilla" Spigot.

    I've also added a selection of plugins to bring us closer to our final setup for World 5. Say hello to:
    • Dynmap - flat map only, available at the usual address
    • LWC - you can once again lock your stuff away from thieves
    • CoreProtect - will be kept to a 14-ish day history
    • GChestShop - a tiny bit different from our previous chest shop plugin, but very similar
    • FishSlap - ><(((('>
    • MobHunting
    • WorldBorder
    Keep in mind that these plugins aren't fully configured and don't have any of the old data from Tess to draw from - their main purpose is to test and simulate how the server will perform on a real W5 configuration.

    If you come across any permissions problems then please let me know so I can sort that out pronto.

    What next?
    With these changes and additions, I'll let the server run on our current host, Nodecraft, for the coming week and keeping a close eye on if / when / how often we get any crashes or fiery explosions. In a week's time, on Monday 10th December, I'll switch the server onto selfhosting mode - with exactly the same server JAR and plugin setup - for a week, to directly compare the performance and crash rate.

    Beyond the selfhost, I can't say until I have more data!


    Anything else?
    There are teasers being posted over the next few days inside the #world-5 channel of Discord showing some of the places inside the WIP "World 5 Lobby" (yeah, a better name is coming :p ). Stay tuned there for beautiful pixels!
  2. baba_zombie

    baba_zombie Citizen

    Whelp...logged in, locked some chests, went afk for 20 minutes, came back and after about a minute server crashed
  3. Arya Oyvind

    Arya Oyvind Mod Squad

    *antsy-ness intesifies*
  4. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Okay, since it's been a week after the tweaks, today will see the start of some temporary self-hosting.

    We'll see how this compares!

    From the point of reading this message, please connect to CW on the IP For the duration, Dynmap will be unavailable (though it is still active on the server to simulate the same config as we used on Nodecraft, for a true comparison).

    A development server will be running on Nodecraft for Smoke to continue his good work. If you try and join play.cubicworlds.net while the selfhosting period is active, you will be greeted with a whitelist message. Don't panic and just use the IP mentioned here instead :)

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