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Read me! Server information, links, and status

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zolyx, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Welcome to Cubic Worlds!
    Shortcut: play.cubicworlds.net
    (not working right now - use the IP!)
    Currently online running PaperSpigot 1.13.2

    The daily server restart takes place at 00:05 UK time
    (GMT or BST, whichever is currently in effect)

    Please note that Cubic Worlds is a premium-only server!
    Cracked versions of Minecraft will not be able to join.

    Useful links
    ¤ Wikicubia ¤ DynMap

    What is Discord? ¤ Join via the web client

    About Cubic Worlds
    We're a public, non-whitelisted Minecraft server that prides itself on being one of the few places aimed toward giving families a safe and fun online Minecraft experience. It's a server where you can build co-operatively with others without any fear of griefing or hacking, and it also happens to be the official server of the Minecraft Museum. Pay us a visit and find out why we already have so many satisfied members - we're the friendly Minecraft multiplayer home you've been looking for!

    Rules & Guidelines
    Known Problems
    • Fires, fires everywhere. We're testing how things perform on a new host as we move towards a final setup for World 5.
    Until the server is running World 5 smoothly and transfers from Tesseract are being handled, the Meepling Appeal is closed. Read more here.

    Vote for Cubic Worlds
    Another excellent way of supporting the server, and earning some in-game reward for doing so, is to vote for us on the server listings we appear on. It's completely free, you don't have to do any additional registration, and it takes only a minute - for full details, visit the voting page on the CW blog. Thanks for your help!
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