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Info PSA: Shulker Boxes can now be locked

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SFMosquito, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. SFMosquito

    SFMosquito Spectral Op

    Deep Underwood
    Thanks to some expert sleuthing on the part of our very own Qwizzy, it has been discovered that there is now a means of locking Shulker Boxes, such that other users may not break or loot any of them if they should stumble across them.

    Simply place a sign on one of the faces of the box and use /lock to secure that sign as you would a door. This will block any unauthorised access and make the box as safe as any chest. Thanks for your attention, and happy blocking!
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  2. Qwizzy

    Qwizzy Elder

    Mining Obsidian
    My discovery in this regard came as a result of tinkering with the effects that a locked sign has on its attached edges.

    It turns out that you cannot edit a locked sign OR any block to which that sign is attached.

    Signs also have other interesting properties you may not have known. In addition to having no collision box (and thus controlling water AND lava flows), they do things such as:

    1.) Prevent pistons from extending. Seriously, place a sign in front of a piston head and try to extend the piston. Won't work. You don't even need to lock them with LWC. It's in the vanilla game.

    2.) Mine cactus blocks. Attempting to place a sign on a cactus block breaks the cactus block, causing both the block and sign to drop as items.

    3.) They interact as though they have a USE action, like doors and chests. Ever since release edition 1.8, signs had JSON functionality added so that people can right-click on them to perform tasks, in a similar vein to doors and chests. In order to place blocks (and even additional signs!) on a sign while looking at it, you now must sneak (press the Shift key) in order to bypass the USE action functionality.

    Also, since they can be locked with LWC, signs can prevent USE actions on things to which they are attached through the LWC locking permission system. This is how signs prevent shulker boxes from being opened. This is relevant in terms of being able to use signs to perform tasks, and it gives us the ability to have shops as we do in Tesseract, among other things.

    So, along with all the vanilla functionalities, signs also lock shulker boxes in LWC. Just goes to show that even one of the most humble (and longest-tenured) Minecraft entities can be one of the most impossibly overpowered blocks in the game. All for the low low cost of 6 wood planks and a stick! :D
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  3. Qwizzy

    Qwizzy Elder

    Mining Obsidian
    As an aside, it's proof that wood is, in fact, the best material in Minecraft.

    I'm sure Zolyx would agree. ;)

    I, however, will stick with obsidian. I am the Obby King, after all. :p
  4. konekasi

    konekasi Mod Squad

    I've been doing all of this for years. I thought everyone knew.

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