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Info NEW: ShopChests!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zolyx, May 4, 2018.

  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Aloha Cubians! Do you like shops? I like shops. Now our shops can be fancier and more futureproof than ever! As we move to our new host today, I've changed the plugin that handles chest shops on the server. I hope that you'll find the new one much more pleasant to use.

    Coming soon: ShopChest!

    Converting an old ChestShop into a new ShopChest
    There are tons of shops around Cubic Worlds and it was important for me to ensure you folks could upgrade to the new system as easily as possible. I'll be available to make conversions for you, but you can do it for yourself with these steps:
    1. Ensure your existing ChestShop chest has an empty space above it
    2. Use the command: /shop convert
    3. Right-click your chest within 15 seconds
    Unfortunately, shops that have their sign on top of the chest will block the conversion - you'll just have to remove the old shop and create a new one manually.

    NOTE: Converting a shop will not refund you the old 50 Kube setup fee. To get your Kubes back you'll unfortunately have to destroy your old ChestShop. However, if you want shops converted and refunded quickly, shout at a staffer and we can help you out.

    Creating a ShopChest
    Want to create a new shop from scratch? That's easy too, with no more faffing about with signs!
    1. Place a chest
    2. Hold the item type you'll be selling
    3. Use the command: /shop create [Quantity] [BuyPrice] [SellPrice]
    4. Right-click your chest within 15 seconds
    Done! Your shop's information will be displayed in the form of a hologram and floating item.
    • You can use 0 as a SellPrice if you want to have a shop that only allows players to buy items.
    • Similarly, you can use 0 for BuyPrice to make a shop that only allows players to sell to you.
    • There's no longer a setup fee for shops.
    Using ShopChests
    You can buy and sell from ShopChests in exactly the same way as before:
    • Right-click to buy items from the shop at the given "Buy:" price
    • Left-click to sell items to the shop at the given "Sell:" price
    You can click either the chest itself or the hologram to make the trade.

    What happens to old ChestShops?
    For now, shops using the old system will continue to work just fine, but you won't be able to create any new sign-based shops.

    Once some time has passed to give everyone a chance to move to the new system, the old plugin will be removed from the server and any old shops will stop working. The chests themselves will remain locked.
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  2. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Unfortunately ShopChests aren't active on the server yet but I'll make sure you get your hands on them early next week - thanks for your patience!

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