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    Push boundaries and help expand the server's horizons!
    Last updated: 04/05/17

    New Horizon is a subworld that all players can use to design and build events... or just to test things out! Got an idea for a survival build that you want to prototype? Thought of a new event that would be great to host? New Horizon is just the place for you - it's a world filled with claimable 51x51 plots that you can work in using Creative mode and WorldEdit powers.

    How to become a New Horizon plot owner
    It couldn't be easier! Just type /plot auto from anywhere in Cubic Worlds and the system will automagically claim an unused plot that's closest to the world's spawn, then teleport you straight to it. You're free to start unleashing your imagination.

    If you prefer to hand-pick the land you want to own, you can visit New Horizon by using the portal in the Portal Tower. Once there, find an unused plot that you want to grab - anything with a brick slab border is available - then walk into it and type /plot claim. Bam! You now own a plot.

    As a plot owner you can teleport to your land at any time by typing /plot tp.

    Claiming and merging additional plots
    Currently all players are allowed to claim a maximum of 4 plots within NH. If you claim two or more plots that are adjacent to each other, you can choose to keep them separate or merge them together to increase your building space. With 2x2 plots joined together you get a spacious 109x109 area to work in, and it's easy to set up! Just do the following:
    • Stand or fly inside the bounds of a plot you own
    • Face another adjacent plot that you own
    • Type /plot merge
    • ???
    • PROFIT!
    Adding other players to your plot
    If you want to work on something with your fellow Cubians you'll need to add them to your plot. You can do this by standing in the plot you want someone to help out with and using one of these commands:
    • /plot add PlayerName allows a player to build on your plot while you're online. Players added this way can't use WorldEdit in your plot.
    • /plot trust PlayerName allows a player to build on your plot even when you're offline. They can also use WorldEdit.
    • Use /plot remove PlayerName to... well, take away a player's ability to build in your plot. Sad face. :(
    Customising your plot
    You can set various flags on your plot to customise it. Just a few such things include:
    • Add greeting and farewell messages
    • Set the weather
    • Set music that plays upon entering
    Use the /plot flag list command to see the flags you can adjust, then /plot flag set to set them. For a full list of every flag available and how to set them, see this page - but keep in mind there are some you won't be able to adjust without asking a staffer.

    Maintaining your plot
    Plots in New Horizon are excellent for all sorts of things, but to ensure that the world doesn't become cluttered, you must stay moderately active - if you don't log in for more than 120 days then your plot will be automatically cleared and made available for others.

    The plot system of NH is very powerful and lets you do more than what is covered here. If you need any help, please be sure to contact Zolyx or another staffer for assistance!

    Have fun!
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    The space between pixels
    Superfunky Extra Plot Features

    You may be thinking: "4 plots is all very well, but what if I want to work on several events? 4 plots isn't enough! This is so unfair and Zolyx sucks!" My friend, embrace your inner clam. I will explain how your space in New Horizon can store an entire library of builds...

    Downloading and Uploading Plot Schematics
    If you've finished building something in your plot that you might want to restore later, you can download your plot as a schematic to your own PC. Simply stand in the plot that you want to download and type - you guessed it - /plot download. A link will appear in chat; go ahead and click it, then choose a filename and where to save your file.

    Now, at any time you want to restore your plot with a schematic you have downloaded, you should visit this webpage:

    Click the "Browse..." button just underneath the "Upload" header. A window will appear where you can select your saved schematic. Once you do this, a popup will appear with a command that you can paste into your Minecraft window, so go ahead and do that. As if by magic, the plot you're standing in will now contain the schematic that you previously saved. Marvellous!

    You may notice some lighting errors after you paste a schematic onto your plot. They should be easily fixed by placing and breaking a block in any area that is incorrectly lit.
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    Updated with advanced features.
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