1. Applying for CW Membership (For full information, click here!)
    If you're posting here to become a Member of Cubic Worlds, just make a new thread and remember to tell us these things:
    ● What is your Minecraft username?
    ● Explain in a few words why griefing is a bad thing.
    ● Tell us honestly if you've ever griefed on other servers.
    ● Confirm that you've read our server rules by quoting our Golden Rule.

Join us! How to Apply for Cubic Worlds Membership

Discussion in 'Apply to Join CW!' started by Zolyx, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Firstly, a very warm welcome! Cubic Worlds is an open server that anyone can visit and explore, but Guests cannot build or use most of the commands. Eventually, you'll want to apply here and become a registered Member so you can get your awesome builds underway.

    Before you apply, please make sure you read
    and understand the Server Rules!

    How to apply
    ● Make sure you are signed into the forum with your account. (Don't have an account? Use the "Log in or Sign up" tab in the top-right corner of the page to register one.)
    Click here to create a new thread to create a new post with the required information below.
    ● Be sure to include your Minecraft username in the "Thread Title..." box.
    ● Once you've posted, a staffer will check your app out usually within 24 hours and if everything looks good, turn you into a full Member!

    Please make sure your application includes:
    ● Your Minecraft username.
    ● Explain in a few words why griefing is a bad thing.
    ● Please tell us honestly if you've ever griefed on other servers (see note below).
    ● Confirm that you've read our rules by including our Golden Rule in your application.

    Note: We know that plainly asking if you're a griefer might seem odd, but we handle it like this: If you come clean about any griefing done in the past then we promise not to immediately reject your application. We believe in second chances! However, if we find that you are listed on a Minecraft ban database and you choose to hide your bad behaviour, there's a much stronger chance that your application will fail.

    You're also welcome to tell us a bit more, if you like:
    ● Have you played on any other online Minecraft servers?
    ● How did you find out about Cubic Worlds?

    Applications must be posted by a unique forum account belonging to the person who wishes to join. In simpler terms, this means that someone else cannot post your application on your behalf; you must do it yourself.

    All Moderators or Ops have the power to promote Guests once they have successfully applied, so look for a yellow or red name in-game if you need someone to get you Memberised. Thanks for joining - we look forward to Minecrafting with you in Cubic Worlds!
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