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Hello, remember me?

Discussion in 'Apply to Join CW!' started by KR4N1X, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. KR4N1X

    KR4N1X Member

    Many years ago I joined cubic worlds. I played here for over a year. I built a few crazy things, made some friends, broke the economy, got banned for duplicating and was unbanned immediately after investigation of my many 500x500 strip mines, built a giant tree that did nothing but rain water melons on you as you walked around inside.

    I built a whole village, with a working gladiatorial arena. A 14 chunk slime farm. A full double chest wheat farm that killed the server more than once. A bedrock to sky limit base that stretched over 100x100, with every possible thing I could need built under a neat and tidy fish bowl base. I hollowed out a mountain to make a redstone lab, just to make use of wasted space beside my base.

    Hi, my name is dnolan1337, and I still play minecraft. I moved onto factions and then nodded minecraft, but long to return to vanilla. Can we be friends?


    my minecraft name is : dnolan1337 and knolan1121, wifes account.

    Griefing sucks. Never done it intentionally.

    Nope. Worst offense was building on Kords land on day 1 here. I gifted kord the build and moved on, once i became aware I was within his land claim.

    Ignorance is no excuse – keep up to date with the rules at all times, and do your best to keep Cubic Worlds the great place it is so that everyone can have a happyMinecraftingtime!
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  2. merasane

    merasane Mod Squad

    Oh hey! Long time no see! You *should* still be the same rank as when you left, try logging in and let us know on here. I don't believe we would have any issue with you two back in our humble community!

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