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Sticky Cubic Worlds realms and downloads

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zolyx, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Find this thread easily using the shortcut: http://bit.ly/CWRealms

    The Realms of Cubic Worlds

    We have used several different worlds during the history of Cubic Worlds - a great way to find out about them is to browse the server history page on our Wiki. However, to summarise, the worlds that are available to the public are:

    Tesseract - our primary world, a prosperous and safe land.
    Difficulty: Easy ¤ Mob griefing: Disabled ¤ PvP: Regional

    Tesseract Nether - the hellish depths of Tesseract watched over by Gary the Ghast.
    Difficulty: Easy ¤ Mob griefing: Enabled ¤ PvP: Disabled

    The End - a dangerous alien realm inhabited by Endermen.
    Difficulty: Medium ¤ Mob griefing: Disabled ¤ PvP: Disabled

    Ore - an unstable realm ideal for mining resources.
    Difficulty: Medium ¤ Mob griefing: Disabled ¤ PvP: Disabled

    Event Horizon - a place for Staffers to design and host events.
    Difficulty: Medium ¤ Mob griefing: Varies ¤ PvP: Varies

    Contest World - compete in build-off contests with various themes!
    Difficulty: n/a ¤ Mob griefing: n/a ¤ PvP: Disabled

    About the Ore Realm
    Many new features and items have been added to Minecraft since version 1.7 when we created Voxellia. The Ore realms, made up of a surface world and a Nether world, allow players access to new biomes, blocks, and items that aren't easily available in our main world. To ensure a constant flow of materials, the Ore realms are regularly recycled about once every month to keep them fresh.

    Visitors to the Ore realms should be aware of a few things:

    Ore worlds are not a safe place to store your stuff. Both of the Ore worlds are regularly recycled - in other words, completed deleted and then recreated with a new seed. This ensures there is a constant supply of resources from them. Do NOT store anything valuable in either of these worlds, as no refunds will be given to items lost due to a recycle.

    Ore worlds are not a good place to build. Again, because of the regular recycles, anything you build in any Ore world will be lost. Nothing built in Ore will be transferred to Voxellia, at any time, for any reason.

    Ore worlds are effectively anarchy and so you cannot claim land in the Ore worlds. Valuables belong to the first person to find them. Go forth and seek your fortune!

    Ore worlds are not an excuse to behave like a numpty. Don't be deliberately evil towards others; we use the term "anarchy" only loosely, and expect you to follow the rules of Cubic Worlds as normal. Just take the worlds for what they are - a disposable source of resources - and all will be good.

    Archived Main Worlds
    was the first main realm of Cubic Worlds and still holds a fond place in the memories of many of our players. The spawn area is surrounded by the sprawling Greenview City and has several notable landmarks nearby, including the original Biscuit Dome and the first Jump Gauntlet. Other notable projects in the map include The Citadel and Elite City, and there are countless other points of interest to discover.
    Old Avalon was a world we used temporarily to explore new biomes and features that became available in Minecraft, as well as to prepare a transition away from Pixellia. It was eventually superceded by the replacement main world, New Avalon, now known simply as Avalon.
    Avalon was Pixellia's replacement and became the second main realm of the server. Spanning a massive explored area of 4800 x 4800 blocks, it so far holds the record of being the largest world in our history. It contains tremendous builds such as Hyrule (including Kokiri Forest, Castle Town, Lon Lon Ranch, Kakariko Village, and many other carefully-recreated Zelda locations), Castle Ood, Nova, the Ville d'Art, the Spleefosseum, the Great Tree of Avalon, Loco Proeliis, Valhalla, Setinel, Delusia, and too many other fantastic places to list.

    Note: There are two versions of Avalon and its Nether available for download. The first is a snapshot taken just before we updated to 1.7 on 5th January 2014 when our third main world was created. The second snapshot was taken immediately before the complete removal of Avalon from the server on 26th April 2014.
    Voxellia was the server's third main world and one which we inhabited for over two and half years, more than any other world to date. It features a vibrant spawn settlement with very little staff planning that gives it a charming "Pixellia" feel. Across the world are many large named builds and settlements including Kalablanka, Le Capitale, The Hermitage, Ahn'Qiraj, Underwood, and Mountfall, to name just a few.

    Note: As with Avalon, there are two versions of Voxellia and its Nether available for download. The first is a snapshot taken just before we created Tesseract on 13th August 2016. The second snapshot was taken immediately before the complete removal of Voxellia from the server on 17th October 2016.
    Archived Event Worlds
    Prism was a corrupted barrier world used during the End Event, significantly scarred by the battles that had taken place there. It features a temple warded against evil acting as the spawn point, and includes a small Staffer village and a rather larger Stronghold that has been twisted by the dark forces of the End. Deep within lies a portal to the Enderdragon's dimension.
    Tutoria was a community project designed to build an introduction world that new guests would spawn in upon first visiting the server. They would learn about the basics of Minecraft, changes to gameplay during online play, and our server's rules and policies all in-game without needing to check out a whole bunch of different forum and wiki pages. The project was partly completed but put into stasis, and may return for more work in the future.
    Archived Contest Worlds
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