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Ruling Bydes - Nasty Language (indefinite)

Discussion in 'The Courtroom' started by Fubaka, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Fubaka

    Fubaka Mod Squad

    Guest Bydes has been banned for use of avoidably provocative language. As I was not on the server to see what else he may have done, I advise staff to check the spawn area for potential theft of items.

    Here is a screenshot of what he said while briefly visiting the server. I will be deleting the messages after posting this screenshot:


    That is all.
  2. SFMosquito

    SFMosquito Spectral Op

    Deep Underwood
    I think an indefinite ban might be overkill - but since to get it lifted he'd have to come and apologise here, even if it was a 5-minute ban, I don't imagine it makes much odds either way. ^-^

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