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Bust the Beacon Map Contest - Now 'til next Monday!

Discussion in 'Events and Contests' started by Zolyx, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels

    If you enjoy our Bust the Beacon events but are finding the same old maps a bit tiresome, here's your chance to design a new generation of warzones for the forces of Colonel McStevington and his mysterious nemesis!

    You can take part by visiting the Tesseract Portal Tower and heading to our Contest world. Once there, walk straight ahead and leave the arrival hall. To your left you'll find signs to change your game mode. Switch to Creative and get building!

    • Claim a plot by dropping a sign on the roof with your name on it.
    • You can design as many plots as you wish, either solo or as part of a team, but for your solo plots please ensure you finish one before starting another.
    • Team beacons can be moved but you shouldn't change their shape.
    • Don't make beacons too well-protected - design your map so that teams have chance to build their own fortifications during the match.
    • There are emerald blocks that mark the spawn positions for each team. Please avoid moving them unless absolutely necessary; Zolyx grumble points if you do!
    • You can choose to make each side of your map unique (rather than symmetrical as current BtB maps are), but be careful and make sure one team doesn't get an unfair advantage.
    • The biome of your plot can be changed on request.
    • You can use WorldEdit for this contest.
    • Use compass teleportation to get into your plots without breaking in! Hold a compass and then left click to teleport to a block in the distance. Right click to teleport through a wall, floor, or ceiling.



    The contest will run for a whole week from the 18th to the 25th of September.

    Power to your blocks, and build well!
  2. crzummallen

    crzummallen Member

    hey, is it possible to change the biome of my plot to the nether?

    My IGN is ZumMallen
  3. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Not sure what you had in mind Zum, or if someone arranged it for you, but hopefully you were able to construct your plot as you liked!

    I'll be locking the contest world now so that we can give some of the new maps a spin this coming weekend...

    Prizes will be awarded some time after the Bust the Beacon rounds on Saturday. Thanks for all of your builds!

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