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Arcadia planning: Launch, move requests, maps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zolyx, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    The news you've been anticipating is here at last!
    A lot of you have been waiting for some official word on when we hope to finally get our newly-named fifth world, Arcadia, open for everyone to enjoy. You've been incredibly patient, and though it would have been awesome to launch during the holiday period to give you more chance to enjoy the new realm with family and friends, this simply wasn't possible due to both technical and Real Life (tm) commitments for both myself and Smoke.

    However, with the New Year upon us, I'm delighted to finally be able to offer more information, not just about an estimated launch date but on a couple of other things that will be on people's minds. But first - the thing you're here for! A date approaches!

    Barring any unforeseen last-minute problems,
    we estimate Arcadia will launch on or near ...

    -= 1 9 / 0 1 / 1 9 =-

    Boring Disclaimer
    I try to avoid mentioning dates for reaaally important stuff like this without being 95% sure it's going to be accurate. However, with all the technical shenanigans that the 1.13 update has thrown around, there may still be hiccups that could push this date back. I'll be doing my darnedest to make sure we launch by the end of January at the very latest.

    Moving items and builds from Tesseract
    A "Move Requests" forum for builds and possessions will open shortly after Arcadia's launch, but we'll need a few days to make sure that the launch and related server stuff is all running smoothly before we start taking requests. If all goes well, moves should begin within a week.

    As with previous transfers, Tesseract will be added to the server when move requests are opened so that it can run alongside Arcadia when needed. However, to make sure it doesn't cause any undesired effects, it will only be loaded and available to visit while a staffer is actually handling a move request.

    I've tested the 1.13 conversion process of Tesseract on my local server and haven't found any significant problems. However, that doesn't mean that the conversion process is perfect. If we find that any of your items or builds aren't as they should be while handling your move, I can provide a backup 1.12 server that you can visit to double-check your original holdings.

    Moves from Chaos World
    *Prepares to write another several-hundred-word essay on why this would be terrible*

    Okay yeah nah, my levels of evilness have been sapped by all the fluffiness and cheer of the holidays (and the fact Chaos World has run about 4 times longer than I expected).

    Go on then. We'll allow discretionary Chaos World build / item transfers too, though we do reserve the right to exclude certain items for balance reasons - e.g. mob heads, whose drop rate in Chaos is higher than it would be in Tesseract / Arcadia.

    Also, please read below before you celebrate too hard! :panic:

    Move requests and the Arcadian Challenge
    First, I promise that none of the staffers doing moves will ever turn around and say "nope, you can't move that thing of yours here," at least not unless there's a major technical hurdle preventing it or Chaos balancing issues apply (see above); neither will we quietly judge anyone for posting move requests from either Tesseract or Chaos World. Everything you've built and acquired from your time spent in CW is yours, to transfer or not!

    That said, it's a rare and special time in Cubic Worlds history when we start adventuring in a pristine new world, and both Smoke and I would like to offer you an "Arcadian Challenge" - neither of us will be taking any of our legit survival-mode stuff into Arcadia*, and we encourage you to do the same so that this new world can be as much of a fresh start as possible. Onward, to brave new frontiers!

    * In my case, yes, let me head off the comments of "whoa now, Z has legit survival stuff?!" by saying that I do indeed have a whole 2 doublechests of entirely unvaluable gear on my Tess island that I will selflessly leave to gather dust in the void, because yep I'm good like that :3

    Maps and posters
    Sadly, maps of any description - ones you've created yourself as well as staff-made "Sketchmap" poster image maps - are notoriously stubborn and difficult to transfer. I had trouble with it when we moved to Tess, and I'm having trouble with it again now in my testing.

    I may or may not find (or remember) a solution before the launch date. We'll see.
  2. Fubaka

    Fubaka Mod Squad

    I accept your challenge, with one proviso. I must bring the library's archive with me, so that it can continue to be built upon.

    (also I leave it to Koads to decide if the Elder's Channel I built should come with the Hermitage or not)
  3. merasane

    merasane Mod Squad

    Well, since I was away most of Tesseracts lifespan, this will be easy... <.<
  4. danielbauwens

    danielbauwens Citizen


    I too, have little sentimental value to whatever objects and items I may have acquired during my brief time on Tesseract. I shall start anew with great enthusiasm.
  5. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    A major update to Chaos Mode is live RIGHT NOW! It's the last one before Arcadia's launch...

    ● Several new plugins have been added to finish providing the main features previously available in Tesseract.

    ● Some event-related plugins - DreamFish, Snowball Fight, and iDisguise - have been disabled. They will return when the time is right!

    ● Plugins are moving to a work-in-progress Arcadia configuration that will be further tweaked over the coming week. For your testing convenience, changes to home limits as previously discussed on the forums will not come into effect until Arcadia launches.

    Additionally, multiple subworlds have been added to prepare for launch and test gamemode / inventory separation:

    ● A testing Ore world with inventory linked to the main world, Chaos. For disk space reasons it has a world border of +/- 1000 blocks. Ore will be deleted at the launch of Arcadia.

    ● A creative flatland New Horizon world is now available with a separate inventory. As with Ore, it has a world border of +/- 1000 blocks. New Horizon won't be deleted or reset when Arcadia launches, so enjoy Creative building again - but please contact me to have a plot arranged for you!

    ● Arcadia has been pregenerated within a border of +/- 4600 blocks and uploaded to the server, but it won't be open to the public until the official launch date. The seed for Arcadia is -8263492127909406043.

    ● The Arcadian Nether has been pregenerated within a border of +/- 2000 blocks and uploaded to the server. It will open at the same time as Arcadia. When resources inside the border become scarce we'll open an Ore Nether.

    ● Nonstandard chronometric fluctuations during the creation of Arcadia have rendered all End portals inside the overworld border inoperable. A repair effort will be made at some point in the future.

    ● Tesseract has also been uploaded to the server but will remain unloaded until after Arcadia is launched successfully.

    ● Teleport pads to Ore and New Horizon will be available at the spawn of Chaos. /spawn should now work correctly in taking you there.

    This should be common sense but I'll say it anyway - items somehow brought into Chaos over the coming week through the use of creative-mode loopholes are not eligible for transfer either. :3

    I know the server has been super quiet as we wait for the real launch, but hopefully some of you will be able to pay a visit over the coming days to check for major problems with this setup before next weekend!
  6. Koads

    Koads Mod Squad

    The itch to build thing is slowly approaching me in this "white-bordering-on-blinding-outside"-time. I feel that we should probably move the channel, however, how much of the hermitage that will come with it is a bit undecided this weekend. The Elderly bearded council of me should have an idea tomorrow or tuesday...
  7. Qwizzy

    Qwizzy Elder

    Mining Obsidian
    Hey Zolyx, my avatar is still on Tesseract. I collected everything I wanted to take away from all my builds. The only thing I want moved is my mayor's house, from bedrock to sky limit. Is that okay?

    Or do you think you can finagle moving Alefgard as a whole and put it in stasis until I find a new spot for it in the next world?
  8. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    @Qwizzy I'll watch for you on Discord. When we're both on I can give you an IP to join for a Tess backup server that should have your carried items.

    Meanwhile I need to know where in Arc your mayor's house should be pasted.

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