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A Leaf Spleef Tournament... like no other!

Discussion in 'Events and Contests' started by Zolyx, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels

    The inaugural Voxellian
    = Leaf Spleef Tournament! =
    View the brackets on Challonge!

    Fubaka wins! JakTheMad was the runner up.
    Thanks to everyone who attended - stay tuned for the next tourny...

    "I told 'im we shouldn'ah been greedy. We 'ad the diamonds, we din' need none of that other fancy stuff! I mean, yeah, sure, it was 'ard not to git tempted... the place was like somethin' out of a dream, y'know? The shelves packed wi' books, rare ones, writ in that poncy wizardy lingo wi' the glowing runes an' all. Jars o' shiny-lookin' dust and gadgets wot could fetch a tidy sum to the right people.

    "But curse me if 'is scrawny four-fingered hand din' fumble some black gem that took 'is fancy. Dropped to the floor it did, but as I were about to call 'im out fer wakin' whatever might be left guardin' the place with 'is ruckus, next thing, there's this feelin' like all the air were bein' sucked out o' the room, then POW! I get blown clean through the window and all o' thirty bleedin' feet into the garden..."

    - Extract from the journal of Ernest "Egghead" Scrubb, an Avalonian footpad

    What the deuce is this?!
    Leaf spleef, the game of champions, is returning to Cubic Worlds next weekend! This will be your chance to demonstrate heroic tactical prowess and skill as you strive to be the last remaining competitor to remain upon the playfield - a decaying leafy canopy over the friendly lava pit below!

    Think you know what to expect and are getting your yawns ready in anticipation? Frustrated that the game is mostly about luck? Oh, but the game has changed, my friend... this tournament will be played under the completely NEW Voxellian rules using some recently confiscated stolen contraband for maximum pizazz!

    As in traditional leaf spleef, each match sees two spleafers enter the playfield, a three block deep arena that will start to decay when the match is started. During the match, players may not engage in direct PvP or alter blocks in any way. However...

    Before each match, both players are given a small selection of magical tools to make the fight "interesting". You should use these powerful trinkets to outwit your pesky opponent, but beware, for they might scupper your own chances if used clumsily! The tools at your disposal are:

    • A pair of Splash Paralysis potions
    • A small bag of Witchgems, magical grenades that will knock back anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby
    • A single golden apple
    • ???
    You must stay within the playfield at all times.
    To win, you must simply avoid dying before your opponent!

    Yes, naturally there will be super shiny prizes - the further you get in the tourny, the heavier your haul of loot will be! The exact details of the prizes are a closely guarded secret, but be assured that participants will be well rewarded.

    Sign me up!
    If you want to sign up, please try to be sure that you can be online for the full two hours of the tournament if neccesary, from 7pm to 9pm GMT. The event may be shorter - if it's longer then matches will be scheduled on Sunday and throughout the following week, as best suits the competing players.

    Simply reply to this post and I'll add you to the bracket. "Bye" matches may be required depending on the number of players.

    I look forward to seeing some first-class leaf spleef!
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
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  2. masternoj

    masternoj Mod Squad

    Charisk Hell
    It seems I be upon the bracket already, but I may as well give me "Aye!"
  3. Qwizzy

    Qwizzy Elder

    Mining Obsidian
    Aye! Aye! Aye! Count me Spleefed! :D
  4. Fubaka

    Fubaka Mod Squad

    I will be there.
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  5. Shabbyjazz

    Shabbyjazz Mod Squad

    Sounds like awesome, count me in
  6. Jardue2

    Jardue2 Citizen

    Williamstown, NJ
    I couldn't Miss this, Count me in!
  7. spawn__point

    spawn__point Citizen

    I won't be able to attend, sorry.
  8. Jardue2

    Jardue2 Citizen

    Williamstown, NJ
    Looks like I actually can't attend, Plans had just gotten in the way.
  9. carter trusty

    carter trusty Citizen

    As said a week ago, I'm joining :D

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