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Ruling _Devcha and Ediburn language and behavior [3 day ban]

Discussion in 'The Courtroom' started by Big Daddy Bri, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Big Daddy Bri

    Big Daddy Bri Citizen

    Looked on Discord and noticed the following today. There is more etc. I didn't read it all but thought it was worth reporting for a moderator to look at. Looks like it may have calmed down a bit eventually.

    S1DBOTToday at 12:36 PM
    :tada: _Devcha joined the server for the first time
    [MC] danielbauwens > Welcome
    [MC] _Devcha > is this a dead server
    [MC] danielbauwens > No
    [MC] danielbauwens > We're currently in a temporary world
    [MC] _Devcha > wut
    [MC] danielbauwens > Waiting for some plugins to get updated
    [MC] danielbauwens > It's not dead ;)
    [MC] danielbauwens > Are you looking for an active server?
    [MC] _Devcha > nope
    [MC] _Devcha > just one that me and my friend can play on
    :skull: _Devcha fell from a high place
    [MC] danielbauwens > Well, you're welcome here, though as I said this is a temporary world, which will be reset to "World 5" as soon as the plugins are updated
    [MC] danielbauwens > Though it's taking it's jolly time, so you can build plenty
    [MC] danielbauwens > Want some shelter?
    [MC] _Devcha > nope
    [MC] danielbauwens > Food?
    [MC] _Devcha > nope
    [MC] _Devcha > i might find for a server without anything but thats a bit rare
    [MC] danielbauwens > You mean a fresh server?
    [MC] _Devcha > yeah basically
    [MC] danielbauwens > Well, that's going to be here, once the plugins finally update
    [MC] _Devcha > really?
    [MC] danielbauwens > Yes
    [MC] _Devcha > my friend edibun will come here
    [MC] _Devcha > soon hopefully
    [MC] danielbauwens > We're just waiting for some plugins to update, so we can have a smooth world, and then we all start new
    [MC] _Devcha > was there a hay day for this server and are you the maker of this server
    [MC] danielbauwens > This is actually one of the oldest servers
    :skull: _Devcha fell from a high place
    [MC] _Devcha > really?!
    [MC] danielbauwens > I'm not the maker
    [MC] danielbauwens > I joined in 2011
    ● stonedude123 joined the server.
    [MC] stonedude123 > Hallo!
    [MC] _Devcha > wie gehts?
    [MC] danielbauwens > He's not german
    [MC] stonedude123 > That's all I really know to be honest
    [MC] _Devcha > oh
    [MC] _Devcha > okay
    [MC] danielbauwens > Was machts du
    [MC] _Devcha > ummm
    [MC] _Devcha > was that to me?
    [MC] danielbauwens > No
    :medal: _Devcha has just earned the achievement Plant Seed!
    [MC] danielbauwens > The slime farm is kaput
    [MC] stonedude123 > another grief?
    [MC] danielbauwens > No, just the rails are on different chunks, so sometimes one unloads
    [MC] stonedude123 > ah
    [MC] danielbauwens > and then it stops the minecart
    :medal: _Devcha has just earned the achievement Mine Stone!
    :tada: Edibun joined the server for the first time
    [MC] stonedude123 > Welcome!
    [MC] _Devcha > yheS edibabun
    [MC] danielbauwens > Wilkommen
    [MC] Edibun > ladies and gentlemen
    [MC] Edibun > we gotem
    [MC] Edibun > this looks like a shithole and a half
    [MC] Edibun > goddamn goddamn
    [MC] Edibun > oh fuck oh god
    [MC] stonedude123 > We are a family friendly server by the way
    [MC] danielbauwens > Please refrain from swearing
    [MC] Edibun > die black libtard
    ● Edibun left the server.
    :medal: _Devcha has just earned the achievement Kill A Mob!
    [MC] stonedude123 > Thanks
    ● Edibun joined the server.
    [MC] _Devcha > lmao
    [MC] Edibun > igot kicked wth
    [MC] stonedude123 > Please stop swearing
    [MC] danielbauwens > Yeah, don't go name calling
    [MC] _Devcha > yo edi can you stop being disrespectful
    [MC] Edibun > sorry man but im a libtard exterminator
    [MC] _Devcha > lets go far north
  2. SFMosquito

    SFMosquito Spectral Op

    Deep Underwood
    In future, I would ask that people remember to ping me, and/or any other staff members via discord, so we can handle this much more briskly. :)

    I am going to go with a 3-day ban for these two miscreants - I sincerely doubt they'll bother to find their way here on the forums, but I always hope to be proven wrong.
  3. danielbauwens

    danielbauwens Citizen

    My apologies for not getting someone from staff involved from the get-go. I didn't think it was serious enough for that sort of attention, and should have reacted differently.

    Thanks for the report, Bri and thanks for dealing with it, Smoke.

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