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5 years

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Vono, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Vono

    Vono Citizen

    From The Depths Out to Freedom
    Ahh..it's that month of the year again.. when leaves fall of trees, and every day gets grayer and grayer, and yet the joy I get from playing on the server never dies out,
    today is the 3rd of October 2018.. and exactly 5 years ago I joined. Looking back at it, it's been the most wonderful years I've had, not only in game.. but in my personal
    life. And tho, today when we look back.. 5 years hasn't been a lot.. no, not at all.. I can still remember the first time I even heard of the server.. just some random ad on a website on finding
    servers, and it wasn't the first one I tried to join either.. and yet, it was the only one I still constantly rush back to, when I want to just have a great chat with some friends,
    The people on the servers have defined me as who I am today, they have shaped me, as I rush forth towards being like the people around me in some way.. and
    oh boy, have I been around you for a long time.. for about 1825 days or 43800 hours, or 2628000 seconds I have been part of this wonderful community,
    And I must thank some people personally, as I think they are the ones who anchored me down, the ones who have made my mind always think back to the great craic we've had on the

    SFMosquito or as I knew you at the time.. SmokeAndMirrors, you are the first person I've met on the server, and must I add.. you are probably the reason to why I am on the server,
    as you went out of your way to basically guide me through the application form. At the time you were just a humble green coat, as I am today.. but as we all know, you've
    blossomed into the marvelous Spectral OP we all know and love today.. I've probably spent countless hours just watching you build Underwood.. and you were a huge part of my
    experience on the server for the past 5 years, as I streamed forwards to be as good of a builder as you are, hopefully I have somewhat Improved;) And I'm sorry if sometimes I may
    have poked you a little too much to build more parkour, or.. well.. fix my Underwood house.... But overall, the server would be very different without you, And I'm glad I've gotten
    to know such a marvelous ghost.

    Fubaka, ah yes.. don't think I've forgotten that in-fact, you were the OP at the time when I joined, and as a new player to MC at the time(and previously being banned from a server;3)
    you opened up the second page of the community for me, you showed me that the Mods and OPs aren't just the big boys who make sure everything stay in check, but are also great people to get to know.. and are human too;3.
    I've always marveled at your dedication to large projects.. I've tried to do it many times myself, but I never got far.. and yet, you've done so many great things, I couldn't list them all..
    You're another reason to why I have stayed around, and I'm grateful that I got to know you,

    Stonedude, we've spent a long time together on the server, some of my most fond memories with you would be our deadly dirt maze.. which.. (we may or may not have killed a mod in).. but anyways
    we have had lots of great craic together, so much in-fact.. I can't actually remember everything :3 Thanks for being positive, and lifting may day at times of need)

    Tomousee, the man with the beard, we've enjoyed a fair amount of time together on the server, and I've learned a lot of none server related things for you too in-fact! and even
    tho you haven't finished most of your projects.. I'd like to add, that they've always looked amazing.. your building style is different from smokes.. and yet, the times when you aren't
    online, I still come back to run around your builds and take in the amount of effort and projects you have proceeded to fulfill, It was always great to talk to you.. even if
    it was about something absolutely pointless, and I always look forward towards having more

    Our two Zombies, my undead friends, and quite largely.. two very stiff opponents during events, I'm glad I got to know you two, It's a complete pleasure to play along side you, we have had good times together here, and I think, just as all the people here, you're amazing to talk to, we've had many conversations, about many things, and I don't remember any.. because just like a good movie, you'll forget about it in a week.. but if it's bad, it'll stick to being bad through at your life.. well, at least that's how it works for me).

    The Just Clan, I haven't learned all of the names of yet ;3 but I'm glad I've gotten to know you you're a family within a community.. which for me, is very very tight, somewhat like a family too :3, and I think that's awesome, I've never had the opportunity to play with people I know in the real-world.. well, I have.. but my brother didn't stay for long ;). And yet, I see the wonderful people that all of you are, the different characters and people, with similar names, and yet such different and amazing people, I'm glad I've gotten to know all of you.

    Peace_Panda, my Co-Owner of BAI, or really.. but dear dear friend, we have spent a lot of time together, and not only playing MC, but other games too, and yet.. you haven't
    gotten bored or sick of me.. the times I asked you to do manual labor, like dig out a large block of land.. you didn't say a word to me, you just say 'sure' and that's what
    amazes me, your a very kind person, and a true friend, who comes to someone in time of need, we've held a successful business together through out Tesseract, and even if it may
    have died out by the end, it brought me great pride to be part of it, and for you to be my co-worker, or as I've said, in reality, a true friend.

    Zolyx.. yes, it's finally your time, you're the man who made all of this possible, who made it possible to meet all these people, who made it possible, for me to become not just a
    member of a server, but be part of a tight community.. and I thank you for that, I think we sometimes forget to thank the people who have a large effect on our lives, and because
    the server did.. I forget to thank you for the countless events you have hosted for us.. for all those great times we have spent together, and even if we may have our slight disagreements..
    (Like that one time you put me into friendly mode and I couldn't PVP people.. in a PVP event... yes, I don't forget;).) you're the beating heart of the server, as without you.. well, there
    wouldn't be a server.. there wouldn't be that one in a thousand ads I could have seen, that came to my attention, there wouldn't be the countless hours I spent playing here, and there wouldn't
    be an opportunity for me to meet all these people.. so thank you, thank you for being a kind host.. and not so evil of a tree. )

    And there are many more of you! And don't think I've forgotten about you.. I believe the server isn't anything special.. It's just a bunch of numbers on someones computer. But the people.
    The people are the blood that brings the oxygen around, they make the server live, they make it breath, they bring emotions, joy, anger, sadness. All of these great emotions! and none should be overlooked, as they are all what makes this server thrive within. And that's what is important in my eyes.. not a new world, not some cool new event. But the people I will experience this with. And those of you who I've only gotten to know, I welcome you to this fantastic place, and I hope the time I spend on it with you will be pure positivity :)
    And, well.. what I'm I trying to conclude with.. you're a wonderful bunch of people, everyone who's like a brick in the wall, without a single brick, well.. it would be different
    and for me.. there would be a large hole in it, so you know.. I joined for the server, but I stayed for the people. This post isn't about me leaving or anything.. I just wanted to recall the five years I've spent on this server.. And as I could simply put it in two words:

    Thank you.

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  2. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    Aw shucks :oops: The time just flies by, doesn't it?

    Thanks for posting about your memories of us here, and may there be still more in the future! :cake:

    It makes me really happy to know that Cubic Worlds, unremarkable and slow-going as we are, has been a place where folks have been able to make new friends and forget some of the unpleasantness of the real world - if only for a little while. You guys are the motivation for CW continuing to exist, so thanks to all of you for that.

    Never change, Vono! Although okay maybe yeah you could not spam arrows or snipe me in Bust the Beacon all the time or find all the server bugs I thought noone would ever find or... well, huh, I guess that'd be no fun for anyone so nevermind then :lol:
  3. Vono

    Vono Citizen

    From The Depths Out to Freedom
    I don't think I'll be changing anytime soon, and even if times come that I won't be able to go on the server, we still have discord:) (tho not as good as IRC..) and I know you really enjoy fixing bugs, so I'll make sure to find more!

    And if arrow rain comes your way.. well, just use an Umbrella ;)
  4. Tomousee

    Tomousee Citizen

    Mountfall City
    Oh you

    [​IMG] .
  5. SFMosquito

    SFMosquito Spectral Op

    Deep Underwood
    It's amazing how long it took me to notice this post - testament to how seldom we all use this place any more, and how much we rely on the Discord. I'm very proud to have been a part of your Minecrafting experience, and I'm glad to have seen you grow so much as a person, and I look forwards to seeing how many more steps you have yet to take in that journey. Thank you for your kind words, and I'll see you on the blockier side of things. :)
  6. justsisterjuli

    justsisterjuli Citizen

    wow vono! so wonderful to read this! and exactly how I feel about this place. basicly puts a smile on my face every time I connect. and doug and I makes sure to let each other know when someone pops on so we can say hi.
  7. Justbrotherdoug

    Justbrotherdoug Citizen

    Vono, just saw this. Thanks for your kind words. I will always remember that even though I am an old fart, you have taught me a few things, like:
    1. Never do anything if you can get someone else to do it for you.
    2. Fishing is best if you don't have to move a muscle or deal with the pesky fish.
  8. brickviking

    brickviking Mod Squad

    Here, of course.
    I suspect that's why Avalon's rail got as far as it did. After I pushed through the South-East line from my place back to Spawn's corridor, I simply got a whole lot of people (eventually) to help me with pushing through rail, and made a network I was proud to have been a part of managing. Of course the Eastern rail wasn't my baby at all, that had already had major involvement from three others, so I merely connected to it through a waystation. Those were good days, and I imagine the same was probably true for Vox and Tesseract's rail (so far). I still maintain that if you can negotiate the property rights, underground rail can actually be "good for the environment" ;) but I'm let down by the fact it probably takes less resources to make an above-ground rail. In addition, rail will be a valuable additional resource for those who can't fly (i.e. not enough control to use an elytra effectively), especially considering this next world won't have portals to the same degree.

    An interesting fact: we have BiscuitJunkie to blame for the fact that railway was left-hand-rules (i.e. I set it up like English roads and not US). I thought that was a great idea, so I followed through. The Eastern rail was the only one I didn't alter in this fashion, as it was already built to right-hand rules but had never connected back through to Spawn rail network.

    For extra bonus, who can tell me the one feature I added to the Avalon line as my signature?

    (Post aaarrrggghpostcountersdon'tworkhere)

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