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    Saturday 26th May @ 18:30 GMT - Happy 7th Birthday, us! Come join the party for our cakeday!
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New Profile Posts

  1. Zolyx
    Exacting vengeance on causes of low TPS
  2. BigMadSharks
    BigMadSharks JawlessBard
    hello JawlessBard
  3. StoneBrine
    Waitin' for world change... *sigh*
  4. DD21
    Unfortunately i lost my old account, so this is my new one. It's me, diamonddragon21!
  5. garybwatts
    I'll be offline for a while. Got a day job again and after sitting at a monitor for 8 hours a day I can't sit at my pc and play.
  6. chelsCALLE472003
    This is vorz_prodigy, I have a new account
  7. StoneBrine
    Building WCW is my job! And so is building... lots and lots of building...
  8. Clyde
    Clyde zelfaldor
    Hi Zel. I just wanted to let you know that with some help from Zolyx I am able to get back on the game.Thanks for offering to help me .
  9. VeryGoodDog
  10. Vono
    Yeah, that City thing is long dead. RIP
  11. peacegirl806
  12. Fladorphan
  13. StoneBrine
    This was a triumph, im makin a post here, huge success, its hard to overstate my satisfaction! Apiture science, we do what we must-----
  14. Jardue2
    Who wouldn't Love Cubic Worlds?
  15. alphaomega967
  16. alphaomega967
  17. alphaomega967
    Have some Christmas cake! :cake: :cake: :cake:
    1. alphaomega967
      That didn't seem to work very well...
      Dec 26, 2016
  18. alphaomega967
  19. Silver Wolf's Shadow
    Silver Wolf's Shadow
    Now known as _Ashborn_
  20. Bionic_Fox
    Currently Lurking a lot. :3