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The 2019 Egg Hunt - now running!

Discussion in 'Events and Contests' started by Zolyx, May 4, 2019.

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    Greetings, Cubians!

    After several delays, the 2019 Egg Hunt is finally running, this time with a couple of changes that hopefully will make it better!

    First, visit the special event portal that's immediately to your left when you enter /spawn. This will take you to the separate realm where the hunt takes place. You'll be placed in adventure mode with none of your items, but don't worry, your gear is returned once you leave the hunt and return to Arcadia.

    You won't need food, torches, or other supplies - the rabbits have managed to timelock their realm so that it is permanently sunny daylight. You won't get hungry during your travels, either, so just focus on the task at hand.

    Your job, nay, your very quest, is to find 25 of the magical eggs stolen by an invasion force of Caerbannog rabbits! They look like this:


    Starting Your Quest
    The first thing you must do upon arriving in the Egg Hunt world is to right-click the sign embossed with a bold "!" upon it near where you arrive. Type "yes" when prompted and you'll be ready to continue. If you don't accept the quest, your progress in the hunt won't be tracked!

    The hunt world is quite small and the world border will keep you confined to the area you need to search.

    Making Progress

    Once you spot an egg you'll need to get within one block of it in order to cross it off your checklist. You'll see a message telling you the number of the egg you just found. If you need to check which eggs you didn't yet find, try using the /quests journal command to receive a book that you can read for more details.

    What prizes, you ask? Well, let's see. Depending on how many of the eggs you're able to find, you'll receive:
    • Cookies
    • Event currency (evil / liquid / paper / green money)
    • Special hunt tokens (crystalline eggs)
    • If you're good, a very special egg redeemable when we update to 1.14
    • Maybe other things perhaps question mark?
    A special vendor will be appearing soon at the Lobby shop corner carrying some exclusive decorative goods that can only be bought with crystalline eggs! You'll also be able to find last year's hunt items in case you missed them or just want some extras.

    Here are some general hunt hints:
    • There are 25 eggs to find in total, hidden by the local bunny populace.
    • The hunt area is protected, so you won't be able to place or break blocks while hunting.
    • Since the hunt takes place in a separate world, you won't have your items - or elytras! - from Arcadia.
    • There are no eggs hidden deep underground, but not all of them have a view to the sky.
    • There is a cave that no sane person should enter... but if you do, maybe you should bring friends!
    • Rabbits like trees. I still don't understand why.
    • Rabbits like interesting terrain, much like geologists. How curious.
    • One rabbit was seen building a secret mechanism to protect an otherwise unreachable egg. Fascinating!
    • Another rabbit was seen to jump... then vanish! What trickery is this?!
    • Do not believe anything that suggests there are more than 25 eggs. They are lies woven by rabbits.
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