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Redyoshi16 Stealing from an unlocked chest in my shop

Discussion in 'The Courtroom' started by Nadine6236, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Nadine6236

    Nadine6236 Citizen

    So first before I get to the steal I'd like to say that my chest was unlock because my shop is a lost and found for horses/ building assistance basically so you take the book out and write what you need help building and or what horse you've lost... now for redyoshi16 all he/she did was take dirt and a book and quill at 63.363/ 68.00000/ -72.700.. I suggest a 2 day ban just to give him/her a warning

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  2. Zolyx

    Zolyx Evil Op

    The space between pixels
    They've not been online for the past 9 days so it looks as though they won't be visiting again.

    It's not very cool to just grab stuff from the chest as your screenshots shows, but since it was unlocked and the items taken were of fairly low value, I'd rather try to give a friendly warning to them in person unless we find more items have been taken elsewhere.

    After finishing up being a slacker over Christmas / new year, I should be lurking in Discord / on the server regularly over the coming 10-ish days, so there's a high chance I'll catch up with Redyoshi if he/she visits again. :)

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