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Ruling Nowakkarolina: killing Au, ignoring signs, theft [3 days]

Discussion in 'The Courtroom' started by SFMosquito, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. SFMosquito

    SFMosquito Spectral Op

    Deep Underwood
    Today, the guest Nowakkarolina logged into the server, while I was working on some super secret staff stuff. I took the time to check out what they were doing, and saw they were trying a lot of chests and doors. Still, that isn't a crime in and of itself. I tried to speak with them, and they seemed to hear what I was saying, but didn't respond. I found them taking all the hoes and seeds from a public farm, for example, and they put some of the missing stuff back when challenged - but I wasn't able to keep supervising them indefinitely.

    I later received a ping from FalseGodDeus via discord, that Nowakkarolina had broken the Goldfall farm by killing its resident engine of destruction, Au. There are clear signs and warnings requesting people to leave Au alive, and also not to take everything from all the public chests. Nowakkarolina ignored these warnings, and took all the stuff from the public chests that they could carry, and killed the pigman.

    Since I doubt we may ever see Karolina again, I have set the ban duration to 3 days. If they do return and apologise on this post, then the ban will be eligible to be lifted after the 28th October.

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