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Ruling JacobWrestler - banned 5 weeks.

Discussion in 'The Courtroom' started by Koads, May 25, 2017.

  1. Koads

    Koads Mod Squad

    So, Jacobwrestler has returned to the server. And with it, some annoying behaviour - like destroying stuff, and stealing. You guys might need to fill in other stuff where i forgot.

    First up, Thx to Flamster for alerting me to Jacobs shenanigans :diamond:

    1. Glass removed from CH
    2. Cobblestructure erected "at the side" / "in the middle" of the road past the mesa-shop.
    3. Pistons removed from the floor at the mesashop.
    4. Glass removed from Toms plot.
    5. The thing with the gold.
    6. Diamond Hoe removed from the chest at times-square.

    I have rollbacked his damages. Some of it might be structures that he built with honestly gathered materials, but its not possible to know. Since one of the structures was a chicken-coop, there might be slightly more poultry at the old wool-palace...

    So 6+ offences with 1 weeks minimum should be 6 weeks but i feel kind today, and i havent written one of these in a while...

    So, Jacobwrestler, post an apology and we will welcome you back.
    (Since he really doesnt seem to visit the forum, at all, i doubt we will see him again...)
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
  2. Wiimaster101

    Wiimaster101 Citizen

    Yeah, I've heard about this fella. I may have to check on my stuff and see if he had done anything to my place.

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